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Saturday, September 15, 2018

How to Reset Canon MP280’s Waste Absorber? Contact Canon Printer Support |+1-800-436-0509|Toll Free

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canon printer support phone numberMany a times you face issues of ink waste absorber in your Canon Printer. Your Printer starts displaying an Error P07 when such issue happens. A P07 error means the waste ink counter is full.

The waste ink tanks are actually piece of sponges that collect waste ink & absorb excess ink that accumulates while printing and cleaning the print heads. Using your printer on a frequent basis, these sponges get saturated and must be replaced at an interval. When these pads get saturated, the printer will notify you with an error message like P07 or “Ink Absorber Full.” You can order new absorbers from Canon online, and the instructions for removing the old ones and installing new ones is provided with the package. Though it’s easy but your fingers will get messy with ink stains and you could soon have a lot of ink all over your desk.

The ink pads are located under the parking position of the print heads, when they are not printing. When the ink absorber pads are full, you can easily remove and clean them on most Canon printers.

It requires a sound knowledge and guidance if you are trying to fix a P07 error on your Canon MP280 printer. In this post we are telling you the best way to resolve this ink absorber issue manually & thus troubleshooting this error code. All you need to follow the steps below or call on the canon printer toll free number.

Manual Guide to Troubleshoot Canon Printer’s Waste Absorber

Follow these solutions to resolve the issue manually by yourself.

Solution 1:

• First, search and download the Service Tool V1074 from web.
• Now Turn off the printer
• Hold down the “stop/reset” and press the “power” button without releasing it.
• Release the “stop/reset”.
• Press the “stop/reset” button six times and release the two buttons.
• Your printer is now gone in service mode.
• Extract the Service tool and the file to open service tool page
• Find the “clear ink counter” section and click on the “main” button.
• Scroll down to find “ink absorber counter” on the left and to the right of that “counter value”.
• Ink absorber counter box should read “main” and counter value reads “0”.
• Click the set button to the right of the counter value box.
• The printer will now make some noise and will try printing a page of paper.
• A message will tell you when the process has been completed.
• Click on the prompts.
• Turn the printer off for a few seconds and turn it on back.
Solution 2:
• Unplug power and USB cable.
• Open door and hold power button.
• Connect power.
• Close door, then release power button.

Solution 3:Service tool V3400 for resetting Canon printers counter

Solution 4:Contact Canon Printer Helpline to troubleshoot P07 error
Maximum problems get resolves following the steps, but if the problem persists you may need an external help from technician. Call Canon Printer Support Phone Number for instant help. Find the toll free numbers below.

Need Online Canon Printer Tech Support?

If you are not been able to resolve this or experiencing any other issue than the one as have been listed above, we recommend you to take the professional Canon Printer Tech Support who are capable enough to understand your printer trouble areas & advice you accordingly over phone or Canon live chat.
For a trustworthy online tech support, call right now on our Canon Printer Customer Service number +1-800-436-0509 (US), 1-800-078-6054 (UK), 1-800-769-903 (AU) right away!

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