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Thursday, June 28, 2018

How to Fix Light Blink Errors of Canon Pixma iP2770 Printer Yourself?

Canon Pixma has been very popular from the time it has launched. Although the printers are worth buying yet many users have reported errors displaying light blinking at times. Error Printer Canon Pixma iP2770 - Printer error or a problem on Canon iP2770 printer then provide the best solution improvement tips and tricks:

Light Blinking Errors Explained

Three Times Blink: Three times blink Orange 1x green, the most frequently found foreign objects in the near roller, if that can happen to a rather severe mechanical damage, Solutions,, loading printer (if it is not under warranty, if you still take it to a service center where you membelli printer) check whether there is a foreign object clogging, repair or replace mechanical
Four Times Blink: Four times blink Orange 1x green, Wante Ink Pad Full, solutions use software, Printer Reset
Five Times Blink: Five times Blink Orange 1x Green, Black or Color Cartridge can be defective Solutions,, Check cartridge, cartridge chip use wipes to clean dirty with ink may cause not connect, if still g can, replace cartidge,
Seven Times Blink: Seven times Blink Orange 1x green, Damaged Color Cartridge / off, Solutions, Replace Color Cartridge. Seven times blink Orange and green alternately, Waste Ink Pad Full, Ink Absorber Full,, Solutions,, First for printers that are not infused / tp not given an intravenous drip disposal, clean the ink absorbent foam in the bottom of the printer / could also be replaced, then reset using software resetter printer.
Eight Times Blink: Eight times Blink Green Orange one time, ink tank full, Solutions,, reset using software resetter printer,
Thirteen / Sixteen times Blink: Thirteen / Sixteen times blink Orange 1x green, Cartridge is not installed properly, the image appears when the print cartridge jamming like apart up on your screen, Solutions,, Press and Hold Resume button (below the power button) approximately 10 second.
Fourteen / Fifteen times Blink: Fourteen / Fifteen times Blink Orange 1x green, Black Cartridge Damaged / off, Solutions,, Replace Black Cartridge

How to Fix & Reset Canon Pixma iP2770

Log into Service Mode iP2770 and follow these step by step tutorial:
·         The printer is turned off and the power cord is attached.
·         Press the RESUME button two seconds and then press the POWER button until the green light on
·         Then release the RESUME button, but do not remove the POWER button.
·         While the POWER button is still depressed, press the Resume button 6 times. Led will flash alternately orange last green with a green flame.
·         Release both buttons simultaneously. 
·         Led will blink briefly then will flash GREEN.
·         The computer will detect the new device, just ignore it
·         This situation shows the iP2770 printer is in a state of SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset.
·         Then run Resetter its v3400 iP2770:
File Extract iP2770 Resetter
·         Prepare 2 paper in the printer (to print at the time of the reset process).
·         Run the program iP2770 Resetter
·         Click "PLAY", then the printer will proceed, then iP2770 will print one page with the words " D = 000.0"
·         Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.
·         You are done.

Contact Canon Customer Support Number US to fix this Error

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