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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Most Effective Method to Resolve Canon Printer Not Responding Error

Various PC users who use wireless Canon printer for business related or individual printing work frequently complain that their printer will not react at specific certain intervals. On the off chance that you are facing Canon printer networking issues all the time, it is ideal to look for the assistance of expert Canon printer repair technician, as they will be effectively ready to resolve the issue.      

The Most Effective Method to Resolve Canon Printer Not Responding Error

It is crucial to take note of that printer not responding error is really a typical printer error and various reasons can trigger this issue. For example, the utilization of an obsolete printer driver may keep your printer from performing immaculately. Similarly, in the event that your printer isn't connected with a network, at that point likewise this issue may arise. The following are a couple of basic yet compelling investigating steps that will assist you with solving Canon printer not responding error with utmost ease..
Step to Follow:

  • Most of the time, the major culprit behind printer not responding  error is lack of communication  between your PC and printer. On the off chance that that is the issue, at that point beneath are a couple of steps that may assist you with resolving the issue.
  • Press the Setup button on your wireless Canon printer, go to Wireless LAN setup, and click on OK.
  • You will now need to pick Easy Setup and confirm your choice by tapping on OK.
  • Choose Access Point and afterward type in Wi-Fi Password before you click OK.
  • Find the setup disk and then insert it into your PC. You will now have to run the setup program in order to install the Canon printer to your device.
  • Select Easy Install and after that click on Install. You will now be able to find a Printer on Network on the newly loaded page. If yes, click on the option before proceeding to the next troubleshooting step.
  • Begin the printer installation process by clicking on Next and after that wait for two or three minutes for the procedure to get finished.

When the installation process is finished, run a test print job to check whether the Canon printer not responding error is resolved. If not, you should attempt other printer troubleshooting step to solve the issue, If Your Printer is Still Not Responding then dial our canon printer toll free number 1800-36-0509 or visit our company website for more information: 


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